Protect-A-Plan designs and manufatures a range of products ranging from document storage to photo display and organisation solutions.

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The Protect-A-Plan is an innovative product designed to protect drawings during transport or working on-site. It effectively extends the life of the drawing - saving you reprint costs in the long run, facilitates easy storage, retrieval & transportation as well as enhancing the practical handling of on-site plans.
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The notice board functions as a white board & pin-up notice board simultaneously, at a much lower cost. It becomes a practical corporate gift once you add the personalised header.
The planner is a low cost, easy to use product for construction sites and project management.
The p hoto board is an easy-to-insert film frame for inserting beautiful family pictures.
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storage systems

The storage system is a convenient and effective on-site and office environment storage system. It is integrated with the conventional archive storage system and can handle up to 300 drawings per unit (trolley/wall-mount/cabinet-mount). The double leaves or self-adhesive strips allow easy access to any single drawing. The Protect-A-Plan Folder (A0 & A1) is also integrated with the storage system for off-site work or transportation of drawings.
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The double-leaf is integrated with the conventional storage system and is designed to store large quantities of drawings on-site and in the office environment. It is an improved drawing handling method that extends the life of drawings. The self-adhesive strips are the same as conventional strips, with improved durability.
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